Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Denmark is for Brothers

I AM sterdam. Or at least I was for a little over two sweet, sweet days that I spent getting an overview of Holland. I've made a mental note to come back, and hope that Tobias and I cross paths one day again. But as sad as I was to leave Utrecht on April 10th, I was more excited to go to Copenhagen.

For one thing, my obsession with Scandinavia would finally come to fruition by travelling there. And for another, my brother from another mother, Jason, is studying there this semester. In Copenhagen, no less, which I discovered was a beautiful, colourful city full of well-dressed Vikings, Polish-vodka-peddling dance clubs, and more bicycles than my poor ass could handle. In short, Kobenhavn is for lovers. Or brothers. Thanfkully, my brother Jason was an excellent tourguide and thanks to two trusty bicycles (ok, mine wasn't so trusty) I saw more of the city in four days than I could have in a week on foot.

Kirk--Danish for Church. From the top of a gold domed Church, Jason and I overlook the City. Here behind us you can see the Free State of Christiania.

Copenhagen (pronounced KOO-ben-haun in Danish) from the spire on Vor Frelsers Kirk

My brother is fancy. Even when he climbs trees and nearly falls into rivers.

So two guys walk into the Marble Church... Jason on the right and Mar on the left.

Jason waits for an episode of Will & Grace to load on megavideo.
When he is awake, Jason is rather dapper. Here he is with his trusty bike.
My bike's chain kept falling off, but up until the last day, it got the job done.
The Free State of Christiania from outside. Inside, though I couldn't take
pictures on Pusher Street on pain of death, I did get to walk around, spend
time with my friends and sip on an elderflower soda in one of the bars.

My second night in Copenhagen, Jason cooked dinner for me and Mar.
He looked quite dapper (again) in his apron, which looked like this:
Dinner (or at least one dish) looked like this. Why yes, that would be
a baked pear topped with goat cheese on top of a fresh salad.
I daresay it's even fancier than Jason's apron.

The Sky looks like a painting here.

Below, my first Danish. With my hand next to it for reference.
Best and worst experience of my life. I'm sure my cholestrol
will thank me when I hit forty-five years.

Inside the Art Gallery. The sculptures in this museum--ranging from impressive
collections of Gree and Etruscan pieces to things much more modern--were the pri-
vate collection of the founder of Carlsberg (yes, like the beer). This man passed the
collection onto the city of Copenhagen provided the city built a decent building to house it.
And here you have this museum.

At the museum: Jason with his friend Stephanie.
I love this picture.

a Leaf

Obviously partying was the first thing on the agenda. This is Jason at
Student House on our first night.

and the view from Jason's room. This view will be (is) sorely missed.

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  1. I am so happy to discover your blog!! The trip looks exquisite and I'm obsessed with your photography. I'm planning to head to Germany this July and hope to have as amazing of a time in Europe as you, dollface!

    [xo katrina]


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